After a flood, you may attempt to remove the rank smell with residential equipment which proves inefficient and usually impossible because standard carpet cleaners cannot extract all of the water or the smell from carpet fibers. Louisiana professional carpet cleaners can. They have commercial vacuuming equipment that effectively removes water and leaves your carpets fresh and, most importantly, dry. Remember there is more than just water carried in by a flood or torrential rains. A flood brings in debris, mud and fine dust from outside. The water recedes and the dirt and debris is left in your carpet. For the sake of your family’s health as well as the appearance of your home, carpet should still be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove all the dust and dirt. Owner operated and fully insured, we take pride in our work and will deliver results that leave your home looking as good if not better than it did before disaster struck. We will meet all of your water removal and carpet cleaning needs, and our emergency carpet cleaning services are available 24 hours a day. To learn more about post-flood restorative services of professional carpet cleaning, Lake Jackson is home to the highest rated technicians to answer all of your questions. If you and your home have been overwhelmed by a flood, contact us today. We can help!