One of the great things about our company is that we never overcharge our customers. Not only do we not overcharge, we have specials going on all year long. One of our hottest specials right now is our 3 Room $99 Carpet Cleaning in Lake Jackson. That’s just $33 per room, which is nothing compared to what some of our competitors charge. We’ve been operating since July 2003, which has put us over a decade of service, just this year. That means that we are a strong and well respected company, as we never leave a home till the customer is completely satisfied.

We will extract the dirt from your carpet via a Vortex high-powered steam extraction system. This highly advanced cleaning process kills bacteria, germs, and dust mites on contact. You no longer have to worry about dirt, grime, dust, and everything else that’s been building up in the bottom fibers of your carpet, not when you retain the services of our impactful carpet cleaning in Lake Jackson. You’ll find that your carpets will regain their strength, bounce, and fluffiness; matted down areas and hallways will seize to exist.

Not only will you see three of your rooms cleaner than you’ve seen in a long time, but you’ll receive a thorough cleaning of every square inch. We do not clean just the main square footage, we get each and every centimeter. Our technicians have a great passion for carpet cleaning in Lake Jackson, as they find it to be a really fun job, seeing that they get to see the clean results from their work in just a few hours.

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