The exterior walls, doors and windows are your home’s protective shell. During a storm the wind can crack that shell and put pressure on the roof and walls, causing can cause serious damage. Here are some things you can remedy now to limit future damage brought on by severe storms. Some are simple and inexpensive while others will require a professional contractor, so first consider the characteristics of your home and your financial resources. For starters, is the sheathing on your roof properly installed, and is the roof fastened to the walls with hurricane straps? Are the end gables conformed correctly to sustain high winds? From your attic, look closely at the sheathing. Are nails missing from the rafters? Are double exterior doors supported with extra sturdy bolts — not the standard bolt kit that typically comes with the doors? Is the garage door properly secured? If not, high winds can blow out the door and leave your home vulnerable to a vacuum effect, which can quickly blow out walls, doors and windows. This all sounds daunting, but it’s the reality of living in an area prone to storms and high winds. For more information about emergency restoration, Lake Jackson has storm remediation under control. Place our phone number next to your Lake Jackson emergency phone numbers. In the event of damage to your home or business from a storm, call on us immediately.