Putting up a new wall in your home can help separate a room and create a new living space in the house. You might also want to take down a wall in order to open up a room and create a floor plan that flows better throughout the house. At Branson Enterprises, we understand that while do-it-yourself projects seem like a good idea, it can be difficult to find the time or secure the tools to complete the job correctly and in a timely manner. Our home remodeling and repair services in Lake Jackson can handle any sheet rock and drywall project.

One problem that you might run into while building or tearing down a wall is damaging sheet rock that you don’t want or need to remove. You can damage it by dropping a tool or accidentally pushing a two-by-four that you’re using for the new wall into an existing wall. When you hire our remodeling team, we’ll take great care not to damage any existing walls, and focus on creating the floor plan that you want. Another thing to keep in mind is where your load-bearing walls are, and what your options are for replacing or repairing those.

Branson Enterprises can take on any home remodeling and repair project that involves sheet rock and drywall, even if it’s just a few panels that need to replaced, or existing walls that need new corner bead or joint tape. We want your new walls to be strong and sturdy for years to come.