Now that May is half over, residents in Lake Jackson aren’t just preparing for the 2015 hurricane season, they’re also getting ready for the regular thunderstorms and Gulf Coast winds that can sweep across southern Texas. At Branson Enterprises, we know how frustrating it can be for a homeowner to deal with a hole in the roof or siding that has been torn off by high winds. Our home remodeling and restoration services can return your home to its original state and beauty.

We can also repair damage caused by falling tree branches, no matter if it happened during a thunderstorm, or simply because the branch finally gave way and fell. We can also repair broken supports, dry out wet carpet, and fix leaks caused by storms and high winds, and will restore and the stability of your home, as well as improve the structural integrity so it’s even stronger during the next period of severe weather.

With summer just around the corner, and Mother Nature ready to throw all kinds of weather at southern Texas, make sure you’re prepared for whatever happens. If your home has suffered damage, or there are repairs that still need to be made following last year’s weather events, call Branson Enterprises right away. Our home remodeling and restoration services in Lake Jackson will help you and your family weather any storm. In over 30 years of business, we’ve seen all kinds of weather damage, and we’ll do everything we can to repair and restore your home.