Before we embarked on our Louisiana kitchen remodel we decided to document the process step-by-step. Here is a general list to give you an idea of the steps taken, in sequence, for a successful remodel. Share it with friends and family!

1. Design, Planning, and Demolition: a sketch on a cocktail napkin? Architectural plans? Got enough money? Apply for permits!
2. Sound Roof, Solid Foundation, tightly sealed Siding & Windows: you don’t want your house to collapse and you definitely want to stay dry.
3. Structural Carpentry: move walls, build new ones, punch in openings for new doors & windows, add structural support where needed.
4. Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing: This is the “guts” of the project, the part you don’t ultimately see, but the most critical element for a successful project with no hiccups. Prepare for the electrical & plumbing inspectors.
5. Insulation: installed into the walls & attic. This step goes FAST, so give your drywaller a heads-up to let him know that he’s next.
6. Drywall: the electrical inspector may give your contractor the go-ahead to close in the walls with drywall. After the drywall is hung, a wet compound is applied, then dries, then is sanded smooth for a seamless surface.7. Flooring: this comes later in the remodeling process to save your new floors from damage.
8. Windows: installation of new or replacement windows.
9. Fine Carpentry: trim at windows and doors, baseboards, molding, built-in bookcases, breakfast nooks, etc..
10. Finishing Touches: Wallpaper, interior painting and surface finishes throughout. These detail finishes should be the last thing you do indoors.
11. Siding, Gutters

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