In a matter of moments, a flood can destroy the walls and ceiling in your home as well as carpeting, wood floors, baseboards, other personal property and, last but not least, your peace of mind. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) reports that floods are the #1 most common natural disaster in the United States. Although the official hurricane season in the United States is June 1st through November 30, they can occur during any season, any time of the year. In some places, these potentially devastating storms occur after winter snow melts or following heavy spring rains. Floods in Texas, however, seem to pose an intensified and lingering threat that we have all become sensitive to after the tragedy of Katrina. Fortunately, many homeowners will never endure this type of flood and its consequences. But for those who do, the cost of flood damage repair for homeowners can be financially severe and emotionally crushing. Following a disaster like the flood from a hurricane, you’ll want to quickly restore your home and your peace of mind. Know that professional contracting assistance for flood damage is available. Whether it’s water damage cleanup, structural drying or Louisiana water mitigation services, seek professionals who are qualified to help. With rapid response, walls, floors, and personal property can often be restored. Don’t lose hope and, more importantly, don’t wait for disaster to strike. When your home or business needs emergency restoration, Lake Jackson is home to highly trained technicians who will deliver immediate services at reasonable prices. Contact our specialists today and forge a business relationship that will serve you well in the event of a disaster.