When a flood leaves water in your home, the carpet can be ruined by mold and mildew. The average homeowner may attempt to remove the rank smell with residential equipment, but this proves inefficient and usually impossible. Standard carpet cleaners cannot extract the smell of stale water from carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have commercial grade equipment that effectively removes water and leaves your carpets fresh and, most importantly, dry. Remember there is more than just water carried in by a flood or torrential rains. A flood brings in debris, mud and fine dust from outside. The water recedes and the dirt and debris is left in your carpet. While extraction of the residual water removes most of the mess, the carpet should still be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove all the dust and dirt. This is not as simple as it sounds and should thus be done by a certified professional. Consider that when your home is flooded, the first step in carpet restoration is to get the water out. The suction power of an industrial carpet cleaning machine will pull all of the water not only from the carpet, but from the padding as well. Once the water is completely gone, a carpet cleaning company uses high powered fans and dehumidifiers to further pull moisture from the air so that the water won’t settle again into the carpet. The next step in the flood recovery process is to disinfect the dried carpet to prevent the growth of mold. Professional carpet cleaners use powerful disinfectants that kill fresh mold spores yet won’t damage your carpet. This step can save your carpet and will potentially save you thousands of dollars if you’ve invested in high-end carpet. Now that the carpet has been dried and disinfected, professional cleaners will then clean the carpet. Final step? The carpets are deodorized to ensure that the stale smell of mold and mildew is gone. So let’s review. Water removal first. Then the carpet and the padding are dried. Next, commercial grade disinfectant and finally, cleaning and deodorizing. These are the steps taken by a professional carpet cleaner — does it sound similar to the standard residential equipment that you can rent from the local grocery store? No way. We offer a range of carpet restoration services to help you recover after a flood or hurricane strikes your home. We are equipped to clean wall-to-wall carpeting, upholstery as well as area rugs. To remove the humidity from your home during this process, we use biodegradable products and high performance drying equipment. Owner operated and fully insured, we take pride in our work and will deliver results that leave your home looking as good if not better than it did before disaster struck. We will meet all of your water removal and carpet cleaning needs, and our emergency services are available 24 hours a day. When your carpets are flooded, don’t wait to call us — the sooner we can remove the water, the easier our restoration process will be. To learn more about post-flood restorative services of professional carpet cleaning, Lake Jackson has the highest rated technicians to answer all of your questions. We offer the best services in the area at reasonable prices. If you and your home have been overwhelmed by a flood, contact us today. We can help!