With April now past the halfway point, it won’t be long until the first severe weather reaches the Gulf Coast. At Branson Enterprises, we’ve seen the devastation and damage caused each year by hurricanes. The hurricane season unofficially begins on June 1st and lasts until November 30th, with activity reaching its peak in early August to late October. Even though that’s still a few months away, it’s important to be prepared before the first storm makes landfall. Our emergency restoration services in Lake Jackson will be there to clean up the mess, but above all, we want residents to be safe during the hurricane season.

Preparing for hurricane season takes time and dedication. It’s important to gather the information for your local law enforcement, emergency response personnel, and local hospitals, in case you need to contact them during a hurricane. Take time with your family to discuss an evacuation plan and what actions you will take before a hurricane hits. You should have plenty of time and warning to leave your home before the storm reaches land, but having supplies and travel kits ready to go can save you valuable time. Boarding up your home can save it from serious damage caused by wind and water, and once you’re able to return to your house, Branson Enterprises can be there to restore your property. We will work directly with your insurance company following a hurricane and its wake of devastation, but taking the proper steps before a storm arrives can save you money, save your home, and most importantly, save your life.