When homeowners are evaluating the condition of their carpets, they may only do an eye test, trying to see if their carpets look clean on the surface. They may go as far as to do a feel test, running their hand over the top of the carpet and seeing if it feels clean and plush. The truth is, while it’s good to evaluate how clean your carpet is, unless you’re very thorough, you may miss the dirt and debris that are hiding in the fibers. At Branson Enterprises, our carpet cleaning in Lake Jackson will thoroughly cleanse your floors, removing¬†everything that’s hiding deep within.

Without even knowing it, you and your family could be breathing dust mite debris, spores, and other particles that have become trapped in your carpet and are then released when you walk over it, or your carpet becomes “full” of these particles. You may think your carpet is clean by looking at it, but when you get down close, you can see and smell that that’s not the case. We use a steam extraction method that kills germs and bacteria, and steam doesn’t leave any residue behind and your carpets dry quickly.

We strive to provide prompt carpet cleaning to all of our Lake Jackson customers, and we promise to provide honest pricing from the moment you call. We can normally complete the cleaning project within five business days, so you don’t have to wait long for clean, fresh carpets. If you’ve thoroughly examined your carpet, and have found it’s not as clean as you thought is was, give us a call at 979-297-1970 today.