1. Is Your Carpet As Clean As You Think It Is

    While looking down at your carpet, you see a spot. It’s small and not too noticeable, but it’s there! It may be from the coffee you spilled last week, or maybe just from walking in without wiping your feet at the door first. You try to clean it yourself, but that makes it show up even more than it did before. There’s really nothing you can do except get it cleaned professionally. While you a…Read More

  2. “A GOOD DUST UP” – Carpet Cleaning in Lake Jackson

    Have you been feeling the dirt and lower level of grime that resides in your carpet when you walk over it with your bare feet? Have you been frustrated with how much filth is accumulating in your carpet and have no idea why? Do you have animals that are constantly tracking in mud, clay and dirt in ways that you never thought were possible? Well, our highly experienced team of technicians see these…Read More