Branson Construction is able to do a variety of engineering “done to specs work” and maintenance related projects for commercial businesses. For companies needing to obtain permits or any necessary engineering drawings, we are able to help you navigate through the red tape–and later, when business is up and running, we’ll help it keep it operational by keeping your business up to code. Some examples of commercial properties we have helped maintain:

Biker’s Bay

If you have a mechanic shop and need remodeling, feel free to ask Biker’s Bay about their experience.

Honda of Lake Jackson

For any Owner/GM of a local Dealership, Branson construction is equipped to do nearly every job, from minor repairs to a full blown overhaul of your property.

Brazosport Medical in Freeport

Costs can get very high when there is downtime due to renovations. Branson construction was able to finish on-time and under tight deadlines for its project with Brazosport Medical.

Camp Karankawa

Camp Karankawa is a Boy Scout camp which has been hosting local kids for decades. Branson Construction’s founder, Walter Branson, has been a consistent supporter of the Boy scouts since the 80’s and in the pictures you can see the renovations at the camp taking place.

Spa in Webster TX

Dollar General

Head Start

Branson Construction provided remodeling services to the Head Start office. Head Start was founded by Lyndon B Johnson, and is a program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services which provides health and education services to low income children and their families.

St. Michaels Catholic Church

The founder and his wife Elsa have been parishioners at St. Michaels Catholic Church for longer than most can remember.

Commercial Signs in Lake Jackson TX

Branson Construction is an excellent choice for sign construction; one of the best investments for curb appeal. Call us today to get a quote.