Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

For over a decade Branson has been working with homeowners and insurance companies to help navigate through the process as smoothly as possible.

In the midst of simply dealing with the damage to your property, you have the added logistics of learning and understanding the insurance claims process. Although each insurance company may have a different claims process, there are a number of common elements and the goal is always the same; to gather the information necessary to process your claim efficiently and effectively.

Here are some tips for managing this process:

  • KNOW YOUR POLICY: Before encountering damage, be sure to read and understand your policy. Determine the scope of your obligation to prevent further damage.
  • SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM: After damage has occurred, your first step is to contact your insurance agent or other insurance company representatives. You can either go through your agent, submit your claim directly via the phone number listed on your policy or, often times, through your insurance company’s website. The insurance representative will ask some questions about how and when the loss occurred and what the damage is. IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, CALL BRANSON IMMEDIATELY SO WE CAN GET THERE AND WORK TO MINIMIZE THE DAMAGE.
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR RELATED EXPENDITURES: This will help facilitate your claim process.
  • ADJUSTER ASSIGNED & INVESTIGATION: A claim number and adjuster will be assigned after you submit your claim. The adjuster will contact you to verify the loss details and will set a time to inspect the damaged property.
  • EVALUATION: The adjuster will then put together an estimate. Branson expedites this process by using a pricing list that is widely accepted by the insurance industry. This pricing method also ensures that you will receive an accurate evaluation/estimate and that you are fairly compensated for your loss.
  • CONTACT YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY: Contact your mortgage company and inform them of your loss and request the paperwork that will be needed in order to release the insurance funds to you and your contractor.
    Work with the proven restoration experts. Branson offers more than a decade of restoration experience and is a preferred vendor for leading insurance companies.

Three factors determine the severity of water and sewage damage: length of exposure, extent of exposure and the nature of the contaminants present. Branson follows the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to ensure that contamination is removed, repaired and sanitized, not just dried up.

Branson offers the equipment and expertise to handle any water-related problem.

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