Many people wonder “how the quote process works with remodeling”. Fortunately, we believe in transparency. We do charge for quotes, however if any work is done, the charge is waived.

Quotes start at $25. Depending on how many visits to the home are required.

  • I.e. a Simple Bathroom is $25
  • Bathroom, living room, and upstairs is $75

In the Initial Visit: we’ll take photos of and sketches of the areas to be remodeled. Based on this information, we can come up with a cost while taking into account labor and materials.

What should you know when getting a quote from a contractor?

#1, Not all contractors are equal in the service they provide. No matter who you choose, you’ll want a professional that is insured if they are working on your property. No amount of discount is worth it for paying for faulty wiring, plumbing, or any end result that does not fit the request.

Branson Construction has all of the necessary permits and the expertise to get the job done right at a competitive price. Most importantly, as a local builder and remodeler of 50 years, we know our next 50 depend on your trust that we will always handle you with professionalism and dignity. If you ever have a question or concern, please call us immediately below:


110 Heather Lane Ste 202
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(979) 217-1623