Why should you use a general contractor?

If you are like most people who work for a living, having work done on your home when you are available can be a challenge. General contractors are much more likely to be flexible in meeting your schedule. Also, a general contractor is able to do work that requires several different trades/skills. Branson Construction only hires and utilizes local contractors that they know are reputable and trustworthy so that you don’t have to take the risk of inviting someone in your home that isn’t.

How often should I seal granite countertops?

Approximately every 5 years you should seal your granite to keep it looking like new. What you shouldn’t do is attempt this process yourself. Countertops made of granite need special sealant and expertise so that it is done right. Call Branson Construction in Lake Jackson TX and we’ll walk you through the process.

What do you charge?

Feel free to visit our quote page for more information, but here are the basics:
Quotes are dependent on the situation. We do charge for estimates, but we do not charge this fee if we end up doing the work. The products that we use, for example: building materials, equipment, and paint etc…will affect the price, as will square footage. Also, ease of access will be considered, i.e. a 12 foot ceiling is harder to work on than an 8 foot ceiling, so it will cost more as we might need to build a scaffold. While there are many factors to consider for most jobs, we can tell you that a minimum for sheetrock repair is $350.

How do I get smoke out of Carpet?

Branson Construction owns Xtremely Clean Carpet Cleaning and is able to professionally clean carpet. As far as the smell goes, we have ozone and air scrubbing machines with commercial grade HEPA filters which are specially designed to remove the smell of smoke from a home.

What is better: Hardie or Vinyl Siding?

Hardie Siding is considered the industry standard because it is highly mold/mildew resistant and tends to last much longer than vinyl siding. In our 50 years of experience, this is the best option available for all of your siding, soffit, and fascia.

What flooring do you recommend?

Due to the flooding that takes place frequently in Lake Jackson TX and the surrounding area, we highly recommend going with a carpet or flooring that is water resistant and/or easy to replace. You cannot predict when a storm will get that bad, but you will be glad that you prepared for it. Ask Branson Construction about the best options.

Where should I buy plumbing?

In 50 years, we have not found a more reliable plumbing supplier in the area than Moore Supply.

Where should I buy Exterior Doors?

Macon Sash and Door or McCoy’s Sales are excellent suppliers for our area of TDI Windstorm approved Exterior Doors and Windows.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry after being professionally cleaned?

Approximately 4-6 hours is the average time it takes to dry before we recommend walking on it. The drying rate can vary depending on thickness of the pad underneath and the type of cleaning requested.

What kind of countertops do you recommend?

We generally suggest going with a granite or quartz because it will last a lifetime if taken care of. Also, when selling the house, it makes both the walk-through of the home and its listing stand out to potential buyers.

Is your office pet friendy?

Yes, we definitely love your “dogos”.

Do you do concrete?

Yes, we can do all of your driveway, patios, and extensions.